How I cope with Night Shift

I am usually coming home from work by the time everybody else is leaving home to go to work.

I will be sitting on the half seven bus, tired and exhausted while everyone else are wide awake and prepared for their day.

I will be heading home to go to bed, ready for another night shift later on, while everyone else is heading to work, ready to start their day ahead.

I only started working night shift late November last year and let me tell you, I really did not know what was in store for me. One minute, I was doing a few training courses and then the next, my new manager was giving me my start date.

Let me tell you what I do.

I work in a residential home where people who has dementia and can’t look after themselves well come and stay. They will not always stay there forever, some may only be in there for rest by. I am a care assistant so as a night shift worker, we are simply getting them ready for bed and assisting with any personal care needed at that time. I do not deal with any medication since the CTM deals with all of that.

We are responsible for cleaning the lounges and even doing the laundry. We take out the black bags and run back in because it is SO COLD at the moment. Although we don’t actually mind since it keeps us busy – well, up until around 11:30 pm.

From there, it’s filling out paperwork and occasionally checking on the residents, making sure nobody is on the floor.

Between 1am and 3am are usually. the hours where it’s the most quiet and we may just be chatting to one another. For the quiet times, someone usually brings a book to read and that’s what I do. I catch up on my reading to keep myself awake and because I love to read, of course. Others may usually just play around on their phones, or take a quick ten minute nap.

You may be lucky at times and have a super quiet night, but that is also where you should more awake and curious. You will have walkers, those people who will walk silently and then when you glance up, they will scare the absolute life out of you. No, but seriously, the quiet nights are ones where you need to check on everybody regularly and make sure everything is fine and there are no concerns.

I still get anxiety before I start a night shift, no idea why, it’s something that just happens but I simply work through it and tell myself things will be okay. And I say that every five minutes.

Around 5 in the morning is when we usually start getting residents up. We’ll wash and dress them before either sitting them in their room or taking them out to the lounge. It really depends on what they want to do.

Overall, night shift will be hard but it’s different on each night. The residents may not be in a nice mood all the time but I live for those nights when they are in a good mood because they are so lovely to be around.

I will be making more posts about working night shifts so if there anything in which you would like to know about then please feel free to ask. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I’ll make sure to post again real soon!

Yours truly.


things to do on a cold day

Cold days can be difficult, and they make you not want to leave the house. Just thinking of stepping outside into the coldness and away from the warmth of your house is not pleasant to some. Although, a cold day can also be good and there are many things you can do. Make sure you wrap up nice and warm, though! Here are a few ideas that I thought of that maybe you'd be interested in.

1. Going for a walk. 

If you live near a forest, or a woods trail, they are always a great opportunity to go exploring. I have one round the back of my house, and let me tell you, it looked so beautiful. With crunchy leaves scattered all in a heap in the ground, and nothing but nature surrounding you. I love getting all wrapped up in my coat and hat. If you ever have family over for dinner, it's always a good place to go walking with them and you can also walk the dog. Well, only if you own a dog!

2. Go for a meal.

Even if you are not the biggest fan of the cold, you could pop to your local pub for a few drinks. Unless you drive, then you should drink responsibly. It's a great way to meet up with friends, or even make it a family thing. You could even sneak in a hot chocolate for afterwards.

3. Bake, Bake, Bake! 

Just recently, I have discovered that I quite like to bake, so I thought that should go down on this list. Baking can be with the family, friends or even on your own and you have fun no matter who you're with. You could invite people over, and do a buffet, bake little treats for the children. Baking is always fun, some may think it's effort but there are loads you can do to make it that little bit more fun.

4. Go Christmas Shopping.

If you've already done your Christmas shopping, then skip this bit. If you haven't, then stay put.

YES, I know it's cold outside but you need to finish off the rest of your Christmas shopping. I guess you could always do it online, and go about it the easy way and have it delivered. The BEST part about going shopping around this time is getting to see all the Christmas lights. If you have not heard or seen, but Oxford Street has their lights up and let me tell you, they are looking BEAUTIFUL!

If going Christmas shopping doesn't make you jump with joy, then you can always go with a friend and then grab a late lunch. You don't have to go to your local town to do shopping, make it a whole day and get the train to London. Unless you live in London, but you probably know all the best places to buy!

5. Lock the door. 

Many of you will go for this one, I think. It's the classic "lock the door, whip your bra off and get into your pjs" day. I must admit, this one is definitely my FAVE, but when you have loads to do it's difficult.

Although, when you've been on your feet all day, it makes you treasure finally sitting down and relaxing. SO, you can forget about Christmas shopping and you can just lay on the sofa, feet up with a drink of your choice. How does that sound?

Leave a comment on what you will be doing. Will you go shopping for gifts for your family, OR will you forget it and shut the world out and put your feet up with a drink of your choice?


Until next time,

Emma X




when I was 12

When I was 12, I always imagined how my life would turn out by the time I was 20. I would literally believe that I would have my own apartment at the age of 20 or even 19, and have a pet dog and everything would be fine.

I'm 20 now, almost 21. It took me a bloody year just to score a job, multiple employers telling me I need more experience, um? I don’t have my own apartment or a pet dog, and everything is not fine.

Although, I am.. kind of, happy?

I've realised you don’t need to have your whole life figured out by the age of 20. Don't rush yourself.

If you have a dream, whatever it is, please do not give up on it. You have that dream for a reason, and I believe you can achieve it with the right amount of hard work and dedication. I believe you can achieve your dream because too many are giving up on theirs.

So work a 9 to 5 job, save that money and work hard for what you deserve. If you’re 35 by the time you achieve that dream then congratulations. It may take you some time to reach it but it will be worth it.

Too many people are giving up on their dreams, but you shouldn’t.

I am going to admit something, it's something that's been on my mind for a while from what my mum said. When she found out I got the job, she was proud and was going on about how I didn't give up and kept going.

I was so close to giving up. So many employers were telling me I was unsuccessful or just didn't call me and hoped I would get the message. At some point, I started wondering if it was because of my Dyspraxia and because of that, my confidence and self esteem went down. It made me not want to continue, it made me not want to apply for jobs in fear that this was the reason.

Looking back – only 7 months ago, wow – I now realise that I was just being silly. I do not know if my Dyspraxia was the reason because the employer isn't going to say the truth. I carried on applying for jobs, putting my fear aside and putting myself out there. I am so glad that I continued to because as of right now, I am a care assistant in a well known care home.

What I am saying is, if you really want something – no matter how old you are – go out there and work for it. Let's say you want to be a dancer, then every second you get, just dance. Dance away, apply for a dance academy or even create a dance group and don't stop until you achieve what you want.

I know it's easier said than done, but let's be honest here.. nothing is ever easy. If you want something, you have to work for it. Some people think you can just say "Oh, I want.." and they'll get it in a heartbeat. I would rather work for something and be proud of myself afterwards than have it handed it

to me on a gold platter.

Although, you can probably buy a gold platter in ikea or even home sense. Next time I go there, I will even check and update back here.

This post was meant to be up on Sunday, but we had technical difficulties, no internet. We had no internet, AND no heating at the moment either so that's not really ideal with the cold weather settling in.

If you have a goal in which you want to achieve, please let me know as it'll be interesting to see what others want to achieve in life. For me, I want to be an author which I am currently working on.

As for posting times, I have

decided to post on Sundays. But, it may be Monday – it just depends on if I get it done on time but I should do!

It's now nighttime over here, so sweet dreams to those who are getting ready for bed or in my case, watching I'm a Celebrity.

Until next time,

Emma X







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sunday routine

Sundays are usually for timeouts for me. I have gotten through another week, and I just want a day to sit back and relax. It's also a good day to catch up on your favourite TV shows. Right now, I have just finished season 3 of Fuller House and I hate how they ended it on a cliffhanger. If you watch it, please let me know if you know when season 4 is up!

In the morning, I tend to sleep in but not too late. This is a habit of mine, but I tend to set my alarm an earlier so I am able to just lay in bed and do nothing. Sounds lazy, but I do get up around 9 or even half 9.

Although I can't eat breakfast first thing in the morning, I don't exactly eat that much of a breakfast. Usually I will have a slice of toast, or even some yogurt and granola. I do agree that eating breakfast does help you for a busy day. I should know as I always forget to eat in the morning and even before 12, I start feeling sick and well, I now know I should eat first thing.

Wow, I really just rambled on about eating breakfast.

Once I have had breakfast, I will usually have a shower or a bath, it depends if I decided to have one the night before. I don't really stay in my pjs as I do like to be productive at times (believe it or not).

At the moment, I do volunteer on Sundays and I enjoy it. Since I don't work on Sundays, I find that I like to keep myself busy. So in the morning, I get myself ready and make sure the house is tidy before leaving.

This is my favourite part.

I love walking up to the high street as it not only gives me fresh air but I like walking through the park and occasionally take pictures of the lake.

The place in which I volunteer at is Marie Curie. If you don't know what Marie Curie does, it is a charity where they support those with terminal illnesses. I've been volunteering there for a few months now, and the people there are lovely and make you feel welcome when you walk in.

I do that for a few hours and then afterwards, I like to stroll back through the high street and glance in the shop windows. Since it's nearing Christmas now, it gives me ideas on what gifts to get others.

As you can see, my Sunday's are productive but also relaxing later in the day. From volunteering, walking in the park and then heading home where I might run a hot bath and then watch Netflix.

Which reminds me, I've just started watching The Vampire Diaries. At the moment, I am on season 2 and I am having a war with myself between Stefan and Damon. Although I am only on season 2 so you never know, things could change.

What do you do on your Sundays? Do you prefer a productive day, or do you prefer to be at home and relax before the week starts up again?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and if you would like to write about anything specific in these, please do comment and let me know as I am always looking for suggestions.

Happy Sunday!

Until next time,
Emma X


Hiya guys, I have been gone for a while but I am back now. I hope you are all doing well, and doing what you love everyday.

As you may know, I have a love for books – although some may call it an addiction. So I figured I would do a post on my favourite books, and give you ideas on what to read if you're looking for new.. books to read?

Grab your coffee (or tea) and we shall get started!

1)Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

You may have heard of this book, or you probably haven't and that's okay. Fangirl is one of my favourites – and also first – because it's basically a girl who is an introvert. She has an older sister who she attaches herself to until they head to college. I feel like I can relate to Cath because she surrounds herself with fanfictions in college unlike her twin sister, Wren, who wants to socialise and meet people.

There is a boy involved, but I like to think it's more revolved around Cath and her sister getting over their mothers death. Levi is older, and more experienced while Cath is not. I know some people don't like when the main character is shy or there's too many books on them but I don't think there's enough books on introverts. So you should defo give Fangirl a try!

2. Fantastic Beasts (and where to find them) by J. K. Rowling.

I LOVE this book. I am one who needs to read the book before I watch the film. And I am so glad that I did. The book is in a script style, and I personally like those, since I used to write scripts when I was little so I was happy to read it.

It was really interesting because as you are reading, you can totally imagine each scene playing in your head. LOVED Newt's character, and I loved how cute + awkward he became around other people. I like how he cares for the creatures. So again, I would SO recommend this book if you haven't already read it.

3. The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward. 

If you like magic and potions mixed with everyday life, then you'll most likely love this book. Zoe actually featured this book in her favourites video, and I thought I would give it a go and now I'm here featuring it in my favourites!

It's filled with adventure, friendship and it involves the royals who need help with the princess who created a potion to make someone fall in love with her. Only the princess accidentally drank the potion herself, and now it's a race against time to make the correct potion to break the spell.

I only have three favourites since I haven't been reading as much. Although, I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables. If you haven't seen the series, I SO recommend watching it as it's on Netflix UK. I'm not sure if it's on the US Netflix.

I hope you're having a lovely day, and doing something you love.

Until next time,

Em x

let’s talk about mental health

It’s a sour topic, it’s the truth. Many people, for some reason, turn away at even the slightest mention of mental health. I don’t know why, but something needs to be done. That’s why it’s World Mental Health Day.

Did you know that 6 in 10 people say poor mental health impacts their concentration at work?

You may also know how 70 million work days are lost each year in the UK because of poor mental health.

I didn’t know this, but £105 billion is lost each year to the UK economy because of poor mental health.

From suffering with anxiety and depression myself, I have come to realise just how much each of us needs someone. Someone to talk to, because it is not good to keep everything bottled up inside.

For some odd reason, society acts as if it’s some BIG issue to talk about your mental illness. It isn’t, we should be able to talk about mental health in a way that makes us feel more free and confident within ourselves.

Nobody should ever make you feel silly or even guilty for being who you are. You may have a mental illness, but you are also kind, loving and you are going to go on and do great things in life.

I love that we have Mental Health Awareness Day, or even Month. It’s just.. mental health should not just be spoken about in that time, it is something that needs to be spoken about more all year round.

I rarely talk about my anxiety, I admit it. I don’t talk about it to my family or friends, I mean.. they know about it but they don’t push me to talking about it if I don’t want to. I prefer talking to people online. That sounded weird, let me explain. I prefer helping others online who suffer from anxiety or any other mental illness because they kind of know what I feel.

I like to pretend I don’t have anxiety.. or depression, and I will just go about my normal routine. I can’t pretend though.. because they are still there, sitting in the back of my mind where I left them first thing in the morning. Like they are waiting to be welcomed by me again.

It’s a very frustrating thing.

But with the help of you, we can offer more support to those who are suffering with a mental illness.

Remember to hug your friends, always ask how someone is feeling and if they are okay. Trust me, such a tiny gesture will never go unnoticed.

If you are interested in learning more about Mental Health and would be willing to help, please check out MQ Mental Health. I recently joined them in order to raise awareness and help anyone who is in need of a friend. I will put the link to their page at the bottom of this page.

I really hope this has helped you understand a little about the topic, and please check out the website as well as keep raising awareness about mental health.

This is me logging off.

Goodnight – Emma.



the sad part

The sad part is when you haven’t seen your best friend in months, and today you walk past her and it just feels different.

Good afternoon, well its heading into the evening now but I wanted to get this off my chest. I was with some new friends today, and I was walking with Bridget towards the bus station and I saw my best friend.

Wait, lets go back a few. If you’ve read the blog post on why I haven’t had my first kiss, then you’ll also know about the best friend who would jump from one relationship to the next. Do you still don’t know? I suggest you go back and read the post!

Anyway, I was chatting with Bridget about some stuff and as we were, we happened to walk past my best friend and like a good friend, I smiled at her. Although, she was mumbling something to this girl who she was with and then quickly said hi before walking away.

I don’t know if I am overreacting, but when you have been friends with someone for such a long time, going way back to primary school, you tend to think it over and wonder if you have done something.

This also got me thinking about friends you meet when you are at school. I remember thinking how my best friend and I would stay being friends and never stop. I even have people tell me about how lucky I am to have a long lasting friendship like it.. but we haven’t seen each other in months, maybe since the beginning of the year.

Wanting to be a good friend still, I will occasionally text her asking how she is and is everything is going well. I will suggest, every time, how we need to meet up soon and even say a day. I hate how I am always the one to ask how she is doing, always the first to message her about hanging out.

And I don’t get it. Her excuse is always about not getting paid until a specific day and how she’ll get back to me but a day later, I see her snapchat story and she’s at the pub with a friend or something like that. That’s kind of why I have decided to take a step back from our friendship.

That may seem selfish or rude, but I want to do it. There are so many things I want to do, like move out and find an apartment. My dream is to move to Brighton one day, not today or tomorrow, but one day. I feel like waiting for my best friend to reply back to me is stopping me from meeting new people. She’s literally who I have hung out with since school.

The sad part is that you outgrow people, your friends. You shouldn’t try to fix it or repair it. You should accept it and move on.

The sad part is that I always read these quotes about how best friends becoming strangers, and I never thought that quote would be about soon be us.

But the best part is that you take this chance to expand, expand and expand.

I really hope you took something away from this. If you’re going through something with a friend, maybe you feel like it’s only you putting in the effort, I hope you work it out and soon move on with or without them.

Remove yourself from those one sided friendships where you are the only one putting in the effort. 

Have a good day.


-Emma X